Earth in a Box

The Earth System Data Lab (ESDL) offers
analysis-ready Earth System data
together with the tools to collaboratively
exploit, share and publish them.


Visualise Your Data

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Announcement of Opportunity

Calling Earth Sciences researchers! Collaborate on DeepESDL, access JupyterHub, computational resources, ML tools, and more. Shape the ESDL's future, share insights, and present at IGARSS 2024. No financial benefits, ongoing collaborations negotiable. Apply now!


DeepESDL started!

We are currently working hard to turn ESDL into a collaborative, AI-ready Earth System Science Research Laboratory. Stay tuned for the official release of DeepESDL in 2023 and contact us if you are interested to become a DeepESDL user!

The Deep Earth System Data Lab (DeepESDL) delivers a service to the Earth Science community. The lab provides convenient access to relevant data sets, many of them generated in ESA’s science projects, in an analysis-ready format. Moreover, DeepESDL comprises a powerful data science environment with a focus on machine-learning and artificial intelligence workflows.


We are committed to open science and encourage and support research users in sharing and publishing products and workflows according to FAIR principles, thus fostering transparency and reproducibility in research. We invite interested users in joining us in this exciting endeavour!

Explore the interactions between ocean, land, and atmosphere

in the DeepESDL web viewer!

Science Cases

Four Science Use Cases will be implemented in collaboration with distinguished experts  to demonstrate the wide range of different approaches that may be adopted with the DeepESDL.

Data Sets

DeepESDL provides numerous data sets relevant for Earth System Science. Many of them have been generated from Earth Observation data but DeepESDL also offers model data where sensible. Let us know in case you require additional data or if you are a data owner willing to contribute your products to the research community!  


DeepESDL is a virtual laboratory providing data, tool, and computational resources to efficiently implement comprehensive processing workflows for Earth System data.