Explore our DeepESDL Hub

Welcome to the Deep Earth System Data Lab, it is currently still in set-up phase but in the future, users will benefit from

  • A Jupyter hub┬áto do research and to easily collaborate within teams.
  • Access to custom computing environments and computational resources, particularly allowing for the individualised allocation of resources to researchers or entire research teams.
  • Analysis-ready data organised in tailored cubes combined with adequate computational resources and capabilities, which will allow for focussing on analysis and processing without costly preparations, which is often directly at the expense of scientific work.
  • Convenient exchange of versioned results, source codes, models, and other artifacts and outcomes of research activities.
  • Integrated state-of-the-art applications for the visualisation of all data in the virtual laboratory including input data, intermediate results, as well as the final, publication-ready products.

We will keep you informed here how to access the Lab once it is operational!