About the Project

The main objective of DeepESDL is provide access to analysis-ready data cubes with relevant Earth Science variables for the research community. Like in the preceding ESDL project, the focus remains on geophysical and biological parameters derived from Earth Observation or numerical models, rather than on low-level sensor data. Targeted users are particularly the researchers organised in ESA’s novel Science Clusters but there will also be an Announcement of Opportunity for external users and projects. To make an attractive offer to its prospective users, DeepESDL will provide in analysis-ready format many data generated by ESA’s R&D activities that are typically located in hard-to-access offline archives.

Users will be offered a full suite of services to facilitate data exploitation, share data and source code, and publish results. Special emphasize will be put on improving the support for machine learning and artificial intelligence approaches, which includes the preparation of AI-ready datasets, providing a programming environment with relevant libraries and packages, and the resources to execute processing pipelines.